Sod Busters Club Rules

  1. RC planes must be restrained when starting.
  2. Do not fly under the power lines, fly within the boundaries of our field if flying at a low altitude.
  3. When someone is on the field to retrieve an aircraft, all other aircraft flying must avoid flying over that person, and must be at a high altitude.
  4. Do not overfly the pit area.
  5. Get a frequency pin if you have a 72 MHz radio.
  6. All pilots must be AMA current members, unless flying under the supervision of an instructor pilot.
  7. Do not taxi in the pit area.  After starting your model, please carry it to an opening in the fence.  After flying, taxi to the fence and shut down, then carry the model back to the pit area.
  8. Quad and helicopters are not to be flown in the pit area.
  9. Quad and helicopters are to be operated a safe distance from everyone, no hovering at eye level close to anyone, even the operator
  10. First Person View (FPV) flights must have a spotter pilot who maintains visual line of sight (VLOS) of the aircraft at all times, and must be able to take control of the aircraft if required, per AMA Doc. # 550.
  11. FPV flights must originate and remain on the Sod Busters field, no flying in from a remote location, or depart to a remote location.
  12. All flights must remain at or below 400 feet above ground level.