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Float flying at Lake Alvin is a free for all. No Sod Buster membership is required, but, we certainly recommend AMA . There is always a retrieval method to get those planes that didn't make it to shore for whatever reason. When the winds reach 10-15 mph we seriously think about not flying. We are always in close communication with each other an hour or so before the 6 pm start as to whether or not to postpone due to wind conditions. Imagine, flying your airplane on a runway that's 1000 ft wide and a 1/2 mile long. No trees, no buildings, no fences, just water. Flying by a lake is a very relaxed atmosphere. We take our lawn chairs and chat about airplanes nothing else. We encourage any one to come out and watch, even if you don't have a sea plane. Right now there are 6 of us and more interest showing all the time. Our main rule is to come out and have some fly'in fun.